• The Payload Counts

Fiber Rope Deployment Systems

Demands for deepwater lifting and lowering have grown steadily as the oil and gas industry has sought to increase the extent of subsea processing. As a result the industry is now faced with the need for lifting and lowering heavy and sizable subsea processing units into deeper waters.
The weight of steel wire ropes makes wire rope lifting/lowering systems both inefficient and impractical at water depths  greater than 2,000m - 3,000m. At 3,000m, the lifting capacity is reduced by 50%; the other 50% is to support the weight of the steel wire.
The solution to optimising lift and lowering capacity is to use a Fiber Rope Deployment System (FRDS). The weight of fiber rope is much less than the steel wire rope, making them almost neutrally buoyant when used in water and with a 100% crane capacity, irrespective of the water depth.