• The Payload Counts

Hang Off Systems & Running Ropes

A hang of system is a vessel side-mounted hang-off frame for transferring loads from a standard crane fitted with steel-rope winch to a vertically suspended fibre rope such as GAMA® Dyneema® used in sections (typically 1,000m), spooled in steel drums stored on deck. Active Heave Compensated seabed landings are done with standard and traditional steel wire rope on the winch.
As there is no high-tension spooling, there is no potential damage / risk to the GAMA98® Dyneema®.

Running Ropes
Continued rising requirements in offshore technology on lifting capacity, depth and equipment reliability have led in turn to increasing demands on large ropes in very long depths.
The use of LANKO®FORCE12 strand ropes will allow operators and contractors to meet the more important requirements with regards to reducing weight per length, corrosion resistance, environmental protection, ergonomics and personal safety.