• The Payload Counts

Synthetic Lifting Slings

Synthetic fibre ropes slings are easier to handle especially where manual handling is required, and as strong as conventional steel wire rope but 7 times lighter.

Too large to fit into either normal containers or onto conventional transporters, the transportation, handling and installation of heavy items are normally one-off projects. The lighter fibre sling allows the crane to handle heavier loads, as there is less weight in the sling, enabling maximum payload lift. In addition, the lift is gentler, avoiding unnecessary damage to the load.
Lankhorst offers the LANKO®FORCE 12 strand ropes to produce slings with a minimum breaking load (MBL) of around 2,000t in single leg configuration and 3,400 t on a grommet configuration.

For heavier loads, high performance GAMA® Dyneema® rope can be used. We are able to offer 300mm diameter rope corresponding to a sling with 5,000 t MBL (single leg) and 8,500 t  MBL on a grommet configuration, allowing us to provide ropes for the most demanding heavy lift projects.
Advantages of synthetic fiber rope slings
1. As strong as wire (or stronger)
2. Lighter - less weight in lifting gear
3. Easy handling = more safe & efficient
4. Reduced risk of injuries
5. Torque-free
6. No corrosion