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Maritime Division

Lankhorst Ropes combine more than two centuries of experience with a strong innovative ability and modern production techniques. In close cooperation with clients world-wide, the company develops innovative solutions for specific applications. These solutions can be either new products or optimised existing techniques. In this manner Lankhorst Ropes has been a market leader for decades in the introduction of new, synthetic fibres, starting with polyamide, polyester, polyethylene and polypropylene, later followed by HMPE, aramid and the in-house developed Tipto® range. Lankhorst focuses especially on specialized fibre ropes and steelwire ropes, with added value with regards to breaking strength, life-time, safety and user friendliness.
Our maritime sales are generated by seven specialized sales departments, located in seven different countries.
Lankhorst Ropes Maritime Division: Export worldwide
Lankhorst Ropes Domestic Division: The Netherlands; Belgium
Lankhorst Ropes UK: United Kingdom
Lankhorst Ropes Middle East: Middle East
Lankhorst Euronete Espana: Spain
Lankhorst Euronete Australia: Australia
Lankhorst Euronete Brasil: Brasil
For detailed contact information on above sales departments please visit 'Sales & Factory Locations'.
We provide our products to shipping lines and offshore companies throughout the world and we are the main supplier for new built ships in Europe, China, Japan and Korea.
Lankhorst Ropes has been certified according to ISO 9001:2008.