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Lankhorst Ropes Announces Rope Industry's First Rope Recycling Scheme

Our industry faces significant challenges in the years ahead. More than ever environmental issues are setting the business agenda. Meeting the need for cleaner and greener transportation, improved handling of waste streams, and environmental-friendly technologies for marine and deep sea operations, requires both innovation and experience.


As a leading rope manufacturer and supplier to the worldwide Maritime Industry, Lankhorst Ropes is concerned to minimise the impact of our industry on the environment. It is widely acknowledged that every beach in the world, even in the remote areas of the Arctic and Antarctica, is contaminated with plastic particles. Indeed questions have been raised in the European Parliament, regarding the disposal of ropes used on vessels, and we anticipate legislation will come into force in the coming years (in the line of regulations regarding emissions, oily water, ballast water treatment etc.).

With the introduction of the Lankhorst Ropes recycling scheme, we are making a positive contribution to the efforts that shipping companies, such as yours, undertake to run their business in an environmentally responsible way. The scheme reflects Lankhorst's 'cradle to cradle' approach to rope recycling for its maritime customers. Ropes are supplied with a works certificate containing the rope's unique number and recycling scheme logo.

The recycling scheme is for ropes originally supplied by Lankhorst Ropes, as we know what materials they contain and, for the time being, limited to ropes made out of Tipto® yarns, Euroflex®, Eurofloat® and HSPP. When ropes are returned, a confirmation of receipt for recycling is issued. The discarded ropes are then shredded, washed and reused as raw materials and ingredients for the production of, for instance, moulded products.

The Lankhorst Ropes recycling scheme is only available to our loyal customers; we will not recycle ropes from companies with whom we do not have a business relationship.

In addition to the rope recycling initiative, Lankhorst Ropes is pursuing a broader Green agenda and has recently relocated its UK office to an “energy efficient” business centre The centre  combines renewable energy technologies such as a wind turbine and rain water collection system, with improved networking and video conferencing communications.

If your company is committed to following a Green environmental policy then be sure to contact us for more information (maritime@lankhorstropes.com)

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